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The Nationally Recognized Plaintiff's Litigation Law Firm Experienced trial attorneys with significant verdicts and substantial settlements for thousands of individuals from across the United States.

Nationally Renowned Trial Attorneys

Clark, Love & Hutson is a nationally recognized law firm that represents victims of corporate negligence and malfeasance throughout the country.

It is not uncommon for companies trusted by the public, such as pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, to hold shareholder interests above the safety of patients and users. In many of these companies, resources devoted to marketing far outstrip research and development. As a result, the safety process is diluted, and drugs and medical devices are given to patients without the manufacturer fully disclosing the potential risks or harm.

We routinely represent clients across the country, aggressively and skillfully directing cases through the litigation process. We are committed to getting results.

The Resources To Take On Corporate Malfeasance

We have won verdicts and negotiated settlements in a broad range of cases: Fen-Phen, Zyprexa, the BP plant explosion, hurricane damage, and many others. We also represent individuals in vaginal mesh litigation, defective hip replacement litigation, and pharmaceutical litigation, including SSRIs, Topamax and Pradaxa. Our firm tried the first Topamax trials to verdict.

We have the personnel and resources, as well as the geographic flexibility, to fight multi-national corporations. We are respected across the United States for our leadership in national litigation, as well as the skill, experience and acumen we bring to each case. We are not intimidated by the financial backing and legal resources of large companies and corporations.

We Are Committed To Holding Corporations Accountable

We understand the impact corporate negligence has had on the lives of you and your family members, and we are committed to fighting on your behalf, moving the case forward to trial and a successful outcome.

To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss the case you may have with a drug litigation attorney, please contact our Texas-based law firm today at 832-699-1528 or toll free at 888-529-5222. Se habla espanol.