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Hurricane Harvey Check List

You've suffered greatly from the hurricane, and you're not sure what to do next. Here's a list to get you through this step by step.

  1. Tell your insurance company in writing to start the claim process. Thousands of people were displaced by Hurricane Harvey and shelter after shelter exceeded maximum capacity. You can imagine how many of those people will be filing claims. Get in line as soon as you can.
  2. Document what went under water or got damaged by the wind. It's labor intensive and exhausting, but make a list of everything you lost to the flood or the storm. Submit your claim first, but as you wait to hear back from the insurance company, get started on the documentation they'll need when they get back to you: receipts for everything related to your damaged property.
  3. Wait for the adjuster. You'll want to get all your soaked and beyond repair flooring and furniture to the curb for heavy trash pickup, but see if you can wait for an adjuster to come out. Store what you can for when they do make their house visit as the federal program requires the actual materials and not just photographs. It will also be important to be patient with repairs-try workarounds that will do for now but avoid anything permanent that can't be undone or a part of your claim reimbursement.
  4. Specificity is key. Receipts are incredibly helpful, as are as many details that you have for any items you lost, including brand names, model numbers, and serial numbers.
  5. Write it all down. Keep a log of anything and everything related to your hurricane-damaged property, especially conversations you can refer back to later if you run into trouble with your claim.
  6. Have questions? Call us at Clark, Love & Hutson, G.P. any point in your claim process for a free consultation.