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Hurricane Harvey Inverse Condemnation

Inverse Condemnation Claims: You May Be Able to Recover from the Government

When Hurricane Harvey stormed into the Houston area, it left a trail of destruction. The Corps of Engineers and local government officials made the decision to "control release" the Addicks and Barker reservoirs, which ultimately flooded Houston homes both upstream and downstream.

When private property is damaged or taken for public use by the government, then the property owner needs to be compensated for the loss. Cases like these are known as inverse condemnation. This suit is initiated by the property owner when the government intentionally damages or takes the owner's property without following the proper procedures and fails to compensate the property owner for their loss.

There is evidence that the government may have known that there was a high risk of flooding to certain properties. And as a result, the government may be held liable for your property's damages in an inverse condemnation case.