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The Nationally Recognized Plaintiffs Litigation
Law Firm

The Nationally Recognized Plaintiffs Litigation Law Firm

The Resources And Personnel To Handle Your Commercial Litigation Needs

Clark, Love & Hutson, PLLC provides a skilled and sophisticated approach to commercial law. Built upon our established record as a litigation firm, we are equipped with the experience and insight to approach any business law case and take the matter to trial and a successful outcome.

Our commercial litigation lawyers understand the preparation and detailed work that must occur leading up to a successful outcome. We invest time and effort into every case we represent. We are backed with the personnel and financial resources required to achieve results, even in lengthy and expensive cases.

Based in Houston, Texas, we represent businesses and professionals in all commercial litigation matters, including complex business disputes, such as:

  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Trademark law
  • Oil and gas contracts, disputes and litigation
  • Business-to-business litigation
  • Contract law and breach of contract
  • First-party insurance disputes
  • Hurricane damage

We Are Equipped To Get Results

We have successfully represented business and corporate interests in significant and high-visibility cases, such as several cases following Hurricane Ike. Our firm is able to direct complex and involved cases and litigation. We streamline the investigation and preparation process to put together the data and evidence that will strengthen your case.

Our attorneys internalize your business goals and priorities from the beginning of the case to ensure that your best interests are championed and a result is reached that advances your business objectives. We are highly experienced and skilled in litigation with a thorough understanding of business-specific needs and complexities. You can be assured that we will be prepared for anything that may arise both before and during court.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss the case or dispute you are facing, please contact our law firm today at 888-529-5222.