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The Nationally Recognized Plaintiffs Litigation Law Firm

A Recognized National Law Firm Holding Negligent Drug Manufacturers Accountable

Drug safety is vitally important to the public. At Clark, Love & Hutson, PLLC we are committed to seeing drug manufacturers held responsible for instances when they knew that a drug was unsafe in its marketed use, but kept it on the market.

We will carefully investigate what the drug companies knew and when they became aware of safety concerns. We will establish a credible timeline of when this information was known and how it affected labeling and marketing efforts. If a company continued marketing a drug despite unsafe side effects, the company is responsible for the injuries the drug causes.

If you have been hurt by a drug company’s failure to disclose vital information about a drug, its use or side effects, please contact a drug litigation attorney today at 888-529-5222. We represent clients in defective drug litigation nationwide.

You do not have to suffer the consequences of a mislabeled and dangerous drug on your own.

We Diligently Pursue Claims

As experienced trial lawyers, we thoroughly investigate every claim, diligently streamlining and analyzing corporate communications, information, memos and evidence to determine the level of malfeasance. Our lawyers possess a thorough understanding of these processes, and we know how to find the necessary answers and information to strengthen your case against those who have been negligent.

We quickly identify signs and indications of behavior on the part of corporate drug companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers that put the public at risk. It is not uncommon for the marketing funds of a drug company to greatly outweigh its research and development budget. We will bring these imbalances to light by finding the instances where corporate profits took a priority over the safety of medication users.

We do not directly pursue cases against doctors, in this context. We are focused on holding drug companies accountable.

Based in Houston, we are equipped with the resources and financial backing to pursue cases across the United States, including Texas, California and New York.

Our Past Results And Current Efforts

Clark, Love & Hutson, PLLC’s attorneys have been appointed to steering committees and leadership positions in multidistrict litigation in this area, and we are respected for the experience and expertise that we bring to each case that we file on behalf of our clients.

With a nationwide practice out of our office in Houston, Texas, our mission remains the same as it has for decades: to hold companies accountable for the pain and injuries that they caused in those who trusted them.