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HIV/AIDS and PrEP medications may cause bone and kidney issues

People living with HIV/AIDS know that, until there is a cure, they will have to take daily medications in order to manage it.

If you are living with the autoimmune disease, you may have seen advertisements for medications with the brand names Viread and Truvada. People with a high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS sometimes use Truvada as a preventative (PrEP) drug, and doctors sometimes prescribe Viread to people diagnosed with the disease.

What are the basics of a civil trial in plaintiff litigation?

Each year in America hundreds of thousands of lawsuits are filed. The facts and laws involved in these cases can vary greatly, but the basic structure of a civil trial - if the case gets that far - is generally the same throughout the country. So, what are the basics of a civil trial in plaintiff litigation?

Well, for starters, it is important for our readers to understand that the vast majority of civil cases never reach the point of actually going to trial. Most settle well before that point. But, for those that do go to trial, the starting point is, some would argue, the most important step in the case: selecting the jury.

Legal considerations when dealing with defective medical devices

Medical devices save lives all the time. But, the unfortunate reality is that some medical devices turn out to be more dangerous than helpful. Defective medical devices can change a person's life at a time when he or she probably thinks that things are going to get better. When defective medical devices harm Texans, those individuals need to know the various factors that may be involved in any potential legal action.

For starters, there are timeframes to be aware of in terms of filing an actual lawsuit, if that is the desired course of action. State law determines when a lawsuit must be filed - or if it is too late. Secondly, a lawsuit based on a defective medical device can draw from two separate areas of the law: medical malpractice and products liability. While these are both sub-areas of the larger realm of "tort" law, there are nuances to these areas of the law, which is why victims need to get the right information about their own unique circumstances and how the law will apply.

Medical devices okay so far despite Texas cyberattacks

In four of the past five years, Texas health care providers have seen the highest number of cyberattacks of state in the country.

Experts are monitoring the role pacemakers and other implantable devices connected to a network might play in future attacks. Thus far, however, they believe individual patients face little danger from personal physical attacks from hackers.

Side effects of prescription drugs can outweigh the benefits

Millions of Americans are prescribed some form of drug for various mental and physical conditions and ailments. There is no doubt that many prescription drugs can be life-savers, allowing some people to live more regular, normal lives despite their health condition, whatever it may be. However, many prescription drugs have side effects and, sometimes, those side effects outweigh the benefits that can be gained from taking the medication.

For example, a recent report analyzed the use of prescription stimulants, such as Adderall. As our readers may know, in a general sense, a drug like Adderall is prescribed to help people improve their focus - a so-called "brain boost." Unfortunately, when drugs like this start to get a reputation for this type of benefit, it increases the possibility that the drug may be abused by those who do not have a valid prescription. But, valid prescription or not, sometimes these drugs do not even accomplish their intended purpose, as noted in the recent report.

Taking the fight to drug companies that make dangerous mistakes

In America today, we live in a society that is flooded with prescription and over-the-counter drugs. This can be a good or bad thing. While some prescription drugs are of great use, others can be dangerous and addictive. When drug companies make dangerous mistakes with prescription medication, or even over-the-counter medication, those companies need to be held accountable for the harm they cause.

For most Texas residents, it is beyond belief that a drug company would keep a dangerous drug on the market. But, the unfortunate reality is that this happens all too often. When you think about it, we have all seen commercials that advertise some pill or other medication that has a very specific benefit, but that also comes with a laundry list of potential side effects. Despite all of the testing that occurs before medications are released, sometimes drug companies know that the "cons" outweigh the "pros" and they release the drug anyways. In other instances, drug makers simply fail to disclose potential side effects because they belief the risk of those side effects presenting is miniscule. Regardless of a company's intentions, a hazardous product poses a significant risk to consumers and can leave them seriously injured.

Holding large corporations accountable through litigation

The word "litigation" naturally makes many people nervous. After all, the vast majority of people in Texas and throughout the country have never been involved in a lawsuit of any kind, except perhaps in a divorce or small claims case. In complex litigation, specifically, many people may think that the legal hurdles are simply insurmountable. That is where our law firm comes into play.

At our law firm, we work with Texas residents to hold large corporations and other entities accountable through litigation. Whether the claim at issue involves defective medical devices, dangerous prescription drugs or even commercial litigation, we work hard to get the right results for our clients.

Epilepsy drugs linked to birth defects

If you have epilepsy, you know how easily it can interrupt your day-to-day life. It can affect the activities you’re involved in as well as your relationships. Medication can help you manage your symptoms, but can it cause unintended harm to your unborn child?

A recent study focused on 1 million births between 2011 and 2015 found two anti-epileptic drugs linked to birth defects: valproic acid and topiramate. When studies like these come up it is important to understand the facts, your chances and to consider your options very carefully. However, if you are pregnant and take seizure medication it would be natural to ask:

What Texans should know about medical malpractice

Some ailments, such as the common cold, are minor. They may cause some discomfort for a few days but can be taken care of at home and go away on their own. Other ailments, however, are much more serious. Some serious illnesses, such as cancer, require immediate medical care. However, if a disease goes undiagnosed or is improperly treated, it could make a bad situation worse. The victim will continue to suffer not just from the disease that is going untreated, but also possibly from the wrong treatment being administered.

In situations like this, a person in Texas may incur many expenses, including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. These expenses are made all the harder to bear knowing that they could have been avoided had proper measure taken place. In some cases, it may be possible to pursue plaintiff litigation in the form of a medical malpractice claim against the negligent physician or medical center. However, certain elements must exist for a viable medical malpractice claim to proceed.

Plaintiffs prevail in defective medical implant case

Surgical implants can do a lot of good, but if they are defective they can do a lot of harm. Many women in Texas and nationwide have had procedures to place pelvic mesh in their bodies. However, some types of pelvic mesh implants have proven to be defective, leading to painful injuries for patients.

Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, has been ordered following a jury trial to pay $80 million in damages to a couple over the company's pelvic mesh product. Of those damages, $30 million were compensatory and $50 million were punitive.

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