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Texas sues Purdue Pharma over opioid misrepresentations

Our nation is caught in the grip of an opioid epidemic, and the state of Texas is no exception. In 2017, a health care consulting company, Castlight Health, ranked the leading 25 cities in the United States in opioid abuse. Two of these cities were in Texas -- Longview and Texarkana.

Many people who become addicted to opioid drugs such as Oxycontin and Vicodin were initially legally prescribed them. Later on, as they became addicted, some would move on to harder drugs, including heroin. According to one report, 175 individuals lose their lives every day due to overdosing on opioid drugs.

Wrong-way drunk driving a serious issue in Houston

Drunk driving in combination with wrong-way driving can lead to catastrophic events should a collision occur. Head-on car accidents can be very damaging, and oftentimes a person is lucky just to have survived such a crash. However, those who are fortunate enough to survive such wrecks could still experience significant injuries that could last a lifetime. Therefore, it is important for Texans to recognize their legal rights, as they may be able to take action to impose liability and recover compensation for damages that have been unfairly thrust upon them.

Weed killer Roundup targeted in cancer lawsuit

Monsanto is currently at the center of a lawsuit that alleges the company misled consumers and hid evidence. The suit claims their popular weed killer Roundup causes cancer.

A former groundskeeper from the Bay Area alleges the company was aware that one of the ingredients in Roundup, glyphosate, was a carcinogen.

Texas victims of defective medical devices can seek legal help

It seems that these days we are seeing more news stories featuring defective medical devices. For example, metal hip implants and transvaginal mesh have seriously injured many people in Texas and nationwide. It is important that those injured by defective medical devises pursue the compensation they need through defective medical device litigation.

With regards to defective medical devises, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration holds the manufacturer of the devise largely responsible for testing the devise to ensure it is safe. Unfortunately, time is money, and some manufacturers will try to take shortcuts in the safety testing process in order to get their product into the hands of consumers more quickly. Moreover, sometimes the design of the product is unsafe due to poor research.

Texans may benefit from federal bans on medical devices

Whether it is a metal hip, pelvic mesh or other medical device, it is not unknown for these products to be defective. Unfortunately, consumers in Texas and elsewhere usually do not know a medical device is defective until they have been harmed by it. The federal government recognizes this problem and has a means for addressing it.

Under certain circumstances, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has the ability to impose a ban against selling, distributing and manufacturing a medical device. This is an important way to stop dangerous or defective medical devices from being prescribed to or used by patients. Certain elements must be met for the FDA to issue a medical device ban.

What is a defective product?

A defective product is one that has a defect in its design, manufacturer, distribution or sale. A product can be defective because it lacks necessary safety warnings, is unreasonably dangerous or causes harm with normal use. 

Examples of defective products

2016 sees many injuries, fatalities in Texas work zones

While road construction may always be going on in Texas, summer is when many people may notice an increase in orange cones and barrels as they make their commute to or from work, travel to one of the state's many theme parks and recreational areas, run their errands or simply go to visit friends and family. While a person may worry that having to slow down in a construction zone will make them late or at the very least make them aggravated, it is important to remember that the reduced speeds in construction zones are meant to keep both motorists and construction workers safe.

Unfortunately, there will be those who choose to drive faster than the posted speed limit in a construction zone, tailgate other drivers or talk on their cell phone. Any of these behaviors can lead to an accident that injures or kills another person. And, as 2016 statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation show, this is not an insignificant problem.

Dangerous side effects may outweigh potential drug benefits

Something may have been bothering you for a while. It could be fatigue, not sleeping at all, severe body aches or pains, migraines or even something more severe. You go to your doctor and find out you have an illness or condition. What if you were given medication by your doctor? You trust your doctor and his treatment suggestions, but how would you know if it is indeed safe to take?

 Medication is supposed to help

Wrongful death suit may be right when a defective drug kills

Medicine is designed to help Texans get better. In most instances, medicine does just that. But not always. Some Texans take medicine thinking it will help them heal when that medicine actually exacerbates their problems or creates a new, deadly one.

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