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Widely prescribed drug may cause birth defects

Pregnant women are probably aware that many drugs can be bad for a fetus. Not all medications are safe to take during pregnancy, so it is imperative that drug companieslabel their products correctly. When a pregnant woman unknowingly takes an unsafe medication, the results can be serious for mother and baby alike.

What is a dangerous drug?

Houston residents are prescribed thousands of prescription drugs each year by their medical providers. People need these drugs to stay healthy or to recover from an illness. But occasionally medication cause dangerous drug side effects to unsuspecting consumers. So what is a dangerous drug?

What do you not know about drugs in the U.S.?

Most Houston residents take a prescription drug at some point in their life. These drugs are necessary in order to recover from an illness, cure a disease or maintain a person's health. We take these medications because medical providers have told us that they will help. And, fortunately, most of the time the drugs do help. But occasionally they do not help; instead, they cause unintended side effects and even death.

What do you need to know about recalls?

Some days it seems like every time you turn around in Houston there's another product that has been recalled. There are recalls for cars, toys, baby products, food and many other products. Drug recalls also occur and some of these can be serious. So what should a consumer know about recalls?

What are some common ways in which drugs harm Texans?

It seems like there is a pill to cure all ailments. But just because Texans cannot turn on their television or open a magazine without being flooded with ads pressing drug after drug does not mean that each of these drugs has a flawless track record. Quite the opposite. Defective drugs and medicine are often at the center of product-liability lawsuits.

What actions constitute a medical device recall?

While medical devises could provide many benefits to patients in Texas and elsewhere, it is possible that these devices fail to work in the way they were designed to. In these matters, a recall is likely issued, however, such a measure may not prevent serious or even fatal injuries from occurring because of a defective medical device.

Weight loss drugs being targeted by the FDA

With the New Year upon us losing weight is on the minds of many Houston residents. It seems like there are also a million products out there to help us lose the weight as well. But not all of these products are safe and a dangerous drug can cause a serious injury.

We help victims of unsafe drugs

Most Houston residents will take a prescription medication or over the counter medication during their lifetime. These medications are there to help people feel better. Consumers count on these drugs to be safe. Again and again drug manufacturers put drugs on the market that have not been thoroughly tested. Drug manufacturers also routinely fail to remove dangerous drugs from distributors that they knew were unsafe.

We help victims of defective medical devices

Properly functioning medical devices are great. But defective medical devices can be catastrophic. Texans who expected the device to bring health and a brighter future instead suffer injuries, even death. When the worst happens, Texans have legal options. One option is to pursue medical-device litigation.

Undisclosed side effects can cause serious medical issues

Hundreds of Houston residents are adversely affected by prescription drugs each year. When a patient is prescribed a drug by their doctor they assume the drug is safe and will help with their ailment or ongoing medical condition. Usually this is the case, but severe adverse effects occur as well because of a defective drug.

Transvaginal mesh devices proposed as high risk by the FDA

Many women in the Houston area know the inconvenience and embarrassment associated with pelvic organ prolapse. There are various treatments that are used to help women, but one may include a defective medical device. A transvaginal mesh implant can lead to serious injury, and the FDA has proposed that they be labeled as high risk for patients.

Those who received hip replacement may be eligible for settlement

Many Houston residents will receive a hip replacement at some point in their life. This popular surgery usually goes without incident but there have been instances where patients have been fitted with a defective medical device. These patients have received many medical complications because of the defective device.

The right approach when you are hurt by a defective drug

A few weeks ago in a previous post here we discussed the dangers posed by generic drugs. Many of these medications are produced in factories that do not have high safety standards, and the drugs themselves may not have the same effects as its name-brand counterpart. This is troubling and can cause serious injury to Texas residents.

The Recovery blood clot filter may be dangerous

Medical devices have come a long way in recent years. They perform medical miracles for thousands of Houston residents, allowing them to live a longer life. But sometimes a medical device manufacturer does not perform the necessary testing of their device, which can result in a defective medical device.

There are risks with generic drugs

When a Houston resident is placed on a prescription medication chances are it is the generic version. Over 80 percent of medications in the U.S. are generic. But, are the generic equivalents safe for patients? Some generic medications have been found to be adangerous drug.

Some antidepressants may cause birth defects

Many Americans take antidepressants. These drugs can be critical in helping people get through their days with positive mental health. But, for pregnant women, antidepressants such as Paxil, may be dangerous. Researchers have found that the type of antidepressants known as Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors may cause serious birth defects.

Side effects may be hard to predict for biologic drugs

Prescription drugs are constantly evolving in the U.S. There is a large amount of new drugs each year that help thousands of people. It is exciting to see all the new developments that can help and even cure diseases that weren't curable just a decade ago. But sometimes these drugs can be defective and can cause dangerous drug side effects that can really hurt people.

Should Houston residents worry about the safety of generic drugs?

Many Houston residents take medication. Sometimes prescription drugs are necessary to maintain a person's health and help combat diseases and other sicknesses. Prescription medication is a lifesaver and every year, drug companies come out with more and more medications designed to help. Many consumers opt to take a generic version of medication that they were prescribed. But are these generic medications safe?

Scope cleaning mechanisms now under scrutiny by FDA

Many Houston area residents will need to be hospitalized this year. This can be a scary thought because recently we have all heard about the number of superbug infections that seem to be plaguing hospitals. Patients who are in the hospital to get better may now have to worry about catching a superbug infection from a defective medical device.

Reliable Drug Pharmacy issues drug recall

Texans, much like Americans generally, take many pills. And that means many chances for manufacturers and retailers to make a mistake. When these mistakes happen, unfortunate consequences can follow. That is why the FDA requires manufacturers and retailers to take quick action when any problems arise.

Propecia may lead to suicide risk

Many Houston residents want to look good, and products that help them achieve this goal are often top sellers. For many men hair loss is a sensitive subject. There are prescription medications that men can take to treat hair loss -- Propecia is one of those medications. Propecia is a popular prescription drug that treats male pattern baldness but it may also have dangerous drug side effects.

Pradaxa can have serious side effects

Most Houston residents will require a prescription medication at some point in their lives. These medications are important to maintain a person's health or to help them get better. Occasionally drug companies release new medications without adequate testing or without disclosing all the side effects. A popular blood thinner, Pradaxa, is one medication that is receiving a lot of scrutiny.

Popular diabetes drug may cause cancer

Many Houston area residents have conditions that require prescription medications to be taken regularly. Diseases such as diabetes generally require medication to help patients maintain their blood sugar levels. But when these patients are prescribed a defective drug, it can cause a serious injury.

Popular antidepressant recalled

Many Houston residents take an antidepressant for their mental health. In fact, antidepressants are one of the most popular types of prescription medications. Patients take this medication believing that it is safe and will help with their ailments. But, occasionally a dangerous drug is recalled because of safety issues.

Pacemakers can lead to medical complications

Any time Houston residents choose to have pacemakers implanted in their bodies there can be risks. These devices are often life-savers for patients, but occasionally complications arise that cause the patient to suffer serious injury. Medical device manufacturers have an obligation to provide safe and effective devices. When they fail to meet those standards, people can face unexpected injuries.

New law may lessen impact of Texas defective medical devices

As technology continues to improve by leaps and bounds, each year medical devices have become more and more complex. Many Houston residents have benefited from medical devices. They have become lifesavers. But, sometimes, there is a defective medical devicethat instead of helping, causes unexpected injuries. A recent law is further eroding the role of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in approving medical devices.

New drug labeling for pregnant and breast-feeding women

Most Houston residents will need to take a prescription medication at some point during their lives. These medications help a person feel better or to maintain their quality of life. Just because a woman is pregnant or breast-feeding does not mean that she won't need to take a medication. But many medications can harm an unborn baby or a newborn baby. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is updating its guidelines on how to label prescription medication for women who are pregnant or nursing and to warn them of potential dangerous drug side effects.

Navigating the aftermath of a defective drug

When all goes well, medicine can bring a person relief while healing the cause of that harm. Fortunately, most cases go something like that. But in the worst cases, medicine can cause more harm than good. It can leave people sick, paralyzed or worse. A classic case of this is defective drugs, drugs that were improperly tested, poorly manufactured or something else. When these defective drugs strike, Texans do not have to accept the consequences as merely fate. They can take action.

Mislabeled birth control leads to pregnancies

Birth control is one of the most popular prescription drugs for women in Houston and across the United States. Women rely on the drug to do as it is intended, prevent pregnancies. A recent packaging error has led to lawsuits filed by women who became unexpectedly pregnant from a defective drug.

Medtronic issues medical device recall

Many Houston area residents have a heart condition or have a family member with a heart condition. Heart disease is the number one cause of death for Americans and most people are aware of the problems that can arise if they don't take care of their heart. Medtronic, as a leading medical device maker, has many products designed to help heart disease. One of these has been recalled because it is a defective medical device.

Medications from compounding pharmacy recalled

Many Houston residents need to take prescription medication for one reason or another. These medications are necessary to fight illnesses and to maintain a person's health. Most of the time medications are safe but occasionally a dangerous drug enters the market, prompting a drug recall. Recently a compounding pharmacy that sent medications across the U.S. was shut down because the products they made may be unsafe.

Medical devices that don't communicate can cause medical errors

When a Houston resident has the need for a medical device, they typically have a serious medical condition. Serious medical conditions require a lot of communication between their medical providers, prescription information and medical devices. When medical device manufacturers don't make their products compatible with other systems, it can lead to serious injury.

Many medications may be harmful during pregnancy

Women who are pregnant are often filled with excitement regarding the birth of their baby. But pregnant women are often bombarded with things they should and shouldn't do during pregnancy. These include not eating certain types of fish, taking their prenatal vitamins and probably most important is making sure their prescription medication is safe to take. Prescription medication can have dangerous drug side effects for pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Manufacturer has dozens of drug recalls in the past 2 years

Most Houston residents will take medication at one point in their lives. Many Houston residents will take several. These medications are important for people to help them feel better and maintain their active lifestyle. A drug recall can be scary for patients who take the recalled medication. Recalled medications can cause very serious side effects and even death. Drug manufacturers have the obligation to make sure their medication is safe and effective for consumers. Occasionally, an unsafe drug is released that has the potential to harm consumers.

IVF filters may be dangerous

Every day Texans go to the hospital to have medical devices implanted in their bodies. Normally these medical devices are safe -- the product of lengthy testing, sound manufacturing and capable surgery. But it only takes a small mistake at any of these stages for problems to arise. One such device may be inferior vena cava filters.

Is your medical device susceptible to hacking?

Each year medical devices become more and more technologically advanced. Although medical device technology has greatly improved a number of lives in the Houston area, there are safety concerns surrounding a device that have not been adequately tested. One concern about medical devices is that they may be susceptible to a cyber attack.Medical device manufacturers not only need to make sure their device works properly but also that it is not vulnerable to a cyber attack.

Information regarding drug recall classes

Many Houston residents take a prescription drug or an over the counter medication each year for various ailments or to maintain their health. These medications are important in maintaining and improving the health of people and they are trusted to be effective and safe. When there is an unsafe drug on the market, consumers hope that the drug is quickly recalled and removed.

Hurt by a faulty drug? We can help

Not all pharmaceutical drugs are safe. Sometimes a drug is poorly designed. Other times, problems bubble up in the manufacturing or transportation process. Still other times, a company prizes the interests of its shareholders over its customers. Whatever the reason, each year some Texans will have the misfortune of being harmed by a drug that was supposed to make their life better. When that happens, we can help.

How to find out if your drug has been recalled

Many Houston residents take prescription or over-the-counter medication each year or have a medical device. These medications and devices are important for their health and generally do what they are supposed to do. But what happens when a drug or medical device is recalled? How do you find out about this important information and if you have an unsafe drug?

Have you been injured because of a defective medical device?

In the last few weeks our blog has focused on medical devices that have caused injuries to patients, including pacemakers. Medical device manufacturers have had many innovations over the years that have led to patients having a better outcome. But, occasionally, a medical device is put on the market too soon before adequate testing is completed. This can lead to serious injuries for patients.

Have you been affected by prescription medication?

Most Houston residents have needed to take a prescription medication at one time in their life. The medication is needed to help with an ailment, to maintain their health or many other reasons. Most of the time this medication works as expected but occasionally a patient suffers from a serious injury. Drug companies who don't do enough safety testing risk the lives of patients who suffer unexpected injury from their medication.

Has one of your medications been pulled from the market?

Many Houston residents take prescription medication. Prescription drugs are important in helping people feel better or to manage their health conditions. Most prescription medication is safe and effective, but occasionally, dangerous drugs make it on to the market. Have one of your prescription medications ever been pulled from the market? There are several reasons why this may happen.

FDA orders Medtronic to stop selling Synchromed drug pumps

For many Houston residents modern medicine has helped tremendously. There are so many more options available these days for those suffering from serious medical conditions. Medical device manufacturers have come up with life-saving devices that increase quality of life for millions of people. But occasionally there are defective medical devices that can do more harm than good.

FDA may be creating medical device warning system

Many Houston residents require a medical device to keep them healthy and maintain their standard of living. Medical devices are constantly being introduced into the marketplace and are becoming more complex and technical. Occasionally a defective medical device is introduced that causes serious injury and even death to unsuspecting patients.

FDA creates new drug quality office

Houston residents who take medication know how important it is for their health. Medication is necessary for many people and can help with ongoing health concerns or short term situations. Usually the medication is safe and effective, but occasionally there are serious complications. Complications can lead to unexpected injuries and even death. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration announced that it is creating a new drug quality office.

FDA classifies transvaginal mesh devices as high risk

Many women in this Houston area have had issues with uterine prolapse. This is a common ailment for women who have had children. A transvaginal mesh implant has been commonly used to treat this condition but it has led to serious injuries in many women and has been considered a defective medical device by many.

Examining the basics of drug recalls

Texans can scarcely go to a supermarket, gas station or convenience store without running into shelves filled with medicine. In part, that is because these medicines provide a wealth of benefits from calming a headache to drying up a runny nose. But not all of these medicines work as intended; sometimes something goes awry. When it does, Texans can be hurt.

Essure may cause Texas women serious injuries

Houston women have quite a few birth control options available. Each has its own drawbacks, and there is not one birth control that is right for every woman. One birth control that has been heavily advertised to women is called Essure. But, it may have serious side effects that women may not be aware of and may be considered a defective medical device.

Drug companies, others can be liable for defective drugs

At some point, nearly every Texan does it: they take medicine. Maybe they have a cough that does not go away, a headache that won't quit or something worse. Whatever the reason, Texans expect the medicine to do as intended. Normally that expectation is met. But not always. Sometimes something goes awry, leaving the person worse off than before. When a pharmaceutical drug causes harm, many people may be liable for the injury. To learn more, keep reading.

Drug-coated stents carry risks

Medical devices are designed to help, not hurt. But not all medical devices live up to their mission. Some defective medical devices leave Texans worse off than if they had not used the device at all. When that happens, Texans have choices to make. One choice is whether to pursue legal action, a choice that can not only hold the responsible party accountable but also yield financial help at a time when it is dearly needed.

Defective medical devices hurt Texans

Medical devices can make lives better. Indeed, many Texans benefit from these devices every day. But as with any product, some medical devices are poorly designed or made. These defects can varying effects on their users from minor to deadly. When the worst happens, Texans have legal options, including a lawsuit.

Defective medical device litigation

For every Texan who benefits from the wonders of medical technology, others suffer from defects in that same technology. Texans harmed by a poorly designed or manufactured medical device have legal options. But, with options come steps and decisions that need to be navigated. To learn more about navigating an injury caused by a defective medical device, keep reading.

Cosmetic devices are not the same as medical devices

Many Houston area residents use cosmetic items every day. The FDA warns that popular cosmetic items are not medical drugs and therefore do not go through the same quality testing. Pharmaceutical liability is important for drugs, but cosmetic devices can also be dangerous if used improperly. Many consumers can be confused whether the item they buy is a medical device so it is important for consumers to know the difference.

Blood clot filter may be causing deaths

Medical devices can be important additions to the health care of Houston residents. Medical devices continue to get more and more advanced each year and it seems like medical device makers try and get their product out to the market as quickly as possible. This can lead to a defective medical device that causes a serious injury or even death.

Biomet hip replacement under scrutiny

Hip replacement is a popular surgery for many Houston residents. New hips can help people with mobility issues regain a normal life. But sometimes an implant device can turn out to be a defective medical device and cause more harm than good. One type of hip replacement, the Biomet hip, has resulted in many unexpected side effects.

Antipsychotic medicine can harm elderly people

For many in Houston, growing older can mean decreased quality of mental health. Dementia is a common ailment for the elderly and can be heartbreaking for families. Antipsychotic medication is frequently prescribed to these patients because of the difficulties they may be having. But for some the antipsychotic medication may havedangerous drug side effects.

Antibiotic has been linked to dangerous drug side effects

For decades, antibiotics have saved millions of lives. Illnesses that were at one time deadly can now be cured with antibiotics. But some antibiotics have dangerous drug side effects that can cause a serious injury. These antibiotics need to be taken with caution and drug manufacturers should be held accountable for any resulting injuries.

A medication killed my wife, can I file a wrongful death claim?

Many people in Houston take prescription medications for various ailments and chronic medical conditions. While all medications come with some side effects, these drugs are still relatively safe and the benefits outweigh the risks. Some, however, come with severe physical and mental effects that can cause serious injuries and even death. When a loved one dies due to use of a dangerous drug, it may be possible to file a wrongful death lawsuit if there is sufficient evidence.

A hysterectomy performed using a power morcellation can be risky

Surgeries such as a hysterectomy are common procedures for women living in the Houston area. A hysterectomy or other procedures, such as the removal of uterine fibroids, can be done with minimally invasive surgeries that are safe and effective. But, one technique using a medical device called a power morcellation has doctors worried.

A drug to increase sex drive in women approved by FDA

Many women in the Houston area suffer from a decrease in their sex drive. Many view it as a complication of getting older, being on certain medications, having children and a myriad of other reasons. But a drug company has recently approved a prescription medication touted as the female version of Viagra.

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