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Musculoskeletal pain medication recalled

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2024 | Dangerous Drug Litigation |

When medications reach the market, we expect them to be safe to use. Yet, all too often dangerous and otherwise defective drugs find their way into pharmacies and onto store shelves. This leaves unsuspecting consumers at risk of significant harm and even death. To see just how common and as major of an issue as this is, we just need to look at one recently recalled medication.

Pain medication recalled

A drug manufacturer recently issued a recall of an injectable pain medication meant for those with musculoskeletal issues. The medication in question, Methocarboamol, was found to have white particles floating in it. According to the FDA, while these particles can cause swelling at the injection site, they can also lead to clogging of blood vessels that result in more serious medical conditions, including stroke and death.

While there haven’t been any reported adverse events caused by this medication, it highlights just how serious of a threat these dangerous drugs pose to consumers. So, when the FDA issues a recall, you should take note. And if you’ve been harmed by a dangerous or defective medication, even if it has yet to be recalled, you should consider taking legal action.

Building your defective drug case

Don’t chalk an adverse event up to something unexplained. If you suspect that you’ve been harmed by your medication, then you need to investigate the matter fully so that you know exactly what happened to you. You might need an expert to help you there, but this information can help serve as the foundation for a successful defective drug case.

So, after being harmed by a dangerous drug, be sure to reach out for medical treatment, talk to an expert about the cause of your harm, and track your losses. Hopefully then you’ll be able to find accountability and recoup the losses that you’ve experienced.