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The Nationally Recognized Plaintiffs Litigation Law Firm

At Clark, Love & Hutson, We Help The Injured

If you have been hurt or injured because of the negligence of another, you are entitled to compensation. In addition to providing closure for the accident and the pain you’ve experienced, you are facing significant medical and repair bills. We can help.

Nationally Recognized Houston Injury Lawyers

At Clark, Love & Hutson, PLLC, we fight to ensure that you are provided the compensation you need to make the fullest recovery possible. You have been hurt, and we are committed to acquiring compensation on your behalf. Our team of attorneys is skilled in litigation, and we are equipped with the experience and insight to get results on behalf of our clients.

We are prepared to handle large personal injury litigation matters that other firms may not have the resources to represent. We have the personnel and financial resources to see time-consuming and costly investigations, and litigation battles through to the end.

We are able to streamline the investigation and preparation process. We assess and analyze the information involved, ask the right questions and get the answers needed to strengthen your case. We network with skilled professionals and experts, both forensic and medical, to acquire opinions and insight that we can leverage in court. We provide vast experience in personal injury litigation. You can be assured that we will be prepared for whatever arises before and during trial.

If you or your family has experienced deep pain, injury or loss at the negligence of another person or company, please call our law firm today. We will arrange a free initial consultation to discuss the case and what steps can be taken for justice. Call us at 888-529-5222. We represent clients throughout Texas.