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The Nationally Recognized Plaintiffs Litigation Law Firm

Our Past Results And Current Efforts

At Clark, Love & Hutson, PLLC, we are national trial lawyers who have been appointed to steering committees and leadership positions in multidistrict litigation in this area, and we are respected for the experience and acumen that we bring to each case that we file on behalf of our clients.

With a nationwide practice out of our office in Houston, Texas, our mission remains the same as it has for decades: to hold companies accountable for the pain and injuries that they caused in those who trusted them.

A History Of Results And Successful Representation

We have been at the forefront of numerous mass litigation efforts, including Fen-Phen, Accutane and Trasylol. These medications were put to market prematurely by large pharmaceutical companies, causing severe pain and defects in users as complications arose.

Most of these companies became aware of potential risks and dangers and failed to warn the public, health care providers and patients after they learned of the risks. In other cases, the pharmaceutical company failed to thoroughly research and study the drug before it was released, bypassing key points in the approval process to rush the drug to market. In many instances, shareholder interests took precedent over safety, and the public suffered as a result.

Our Active Drug Litigation Efforts

For each case, we bring an understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, identifying instances where the drug companies should have taken more care but instead put profits first. We are committed to holding these companies accountable for the pain and injuries they cause to those who trusted them.

We have the experience, resources and financial backing to get results in court. We take an aggressive and proactive approach, preparing each case for trial. We are nationally respected for the stand we take against these large corporations and pharmaceutical companies.

We understand the impact these drugs have had on your life and your family, and we are committed to advocating on your behalf for compensation. We take the time to listen to each client, understanding his or her unique circumstances and needs from the case. You can be assured we will be at your side from beginning to end, no matter how long the case may take.

If you have been hurt by a drug company’s failure to disclose vital information about a drug, its usage or side effects, please contact a drug litigation attorney today at 888-529-5222.