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Yaz / Yasmin / Beyaz / Ocella Litigation

This family of birth control pills is the first of its kind, combining estrogen and a manufactured progestin. In addition to preventing pregnancy, the pill was marketed as a treatment for symptoms of PMS and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), assisting with menstruation and hormone-related issues, such as acne, moodiness, pain and bloating.

The medications have been linked to an alarming number of heart and blood-related complications since their entrance into the market. These include pulmonary embolism, venous thromboembolism, which are blood clots, in addition to heart attack, liver damage, stroke, rapid heartbeat and other heart complications. Yaz / Yasmin / Beyaz / Ocella use has led to fatal complications in patients.

Off-Label Use Causing Significant Health Issues

The widespread marketing of the pill’s off-label uses has only compounded the problem as women and girls were not properly screened for factors that could be aggravated by the drug and its progestin.

Several warnings were issued by the FDA about off-label usage of the drug and the risk that the pill posed. These statements also reprimanded manufacturer Bayer for its negligent marketing efforts that overstate the efficacy of the drug and did not warn of potential dangers.

At Clark, Love & Hutson, PLLC, we fight to achieve justice for women and girls who have been hurt by the irresponsible marketing efforts of Bayer. For years, patients were unaware of the potential danger posed by the hormone combination, and we work to achieve compensation for this negligence.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious complications or side effects as a result of taking Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz or Ocella, contact our lawyers today. We will listen to your story, working together with you to build a claim against the drug manufacturer. While we are based in Houston, Texas, we have the personnel and financial resources to represent clients throughout the U.S., and see your case through to the end.