We Hold Medical Device Manufacturers Responsible

Over the last several decades, medical devices and products have improved the lives of millions of patients and individuals around the world. Medical device manufacturers have a responsibility to each patient to provide products and devices that are thoroughly tested and safe for human use. When companies fail to fully test and research the product they put in the market, investing more in marketing than in research and development, they put the patient at risk.

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We are committed to holding these companies accountable for the pain they cause in the lives of patients and their families. Multinational corporations are often ultimately responsible for the damage defective medical devices cause American families. You may feel helpless to do anything against such large, well-funded corporations.

At Clark, Love & Hutson, PLLC, we are backed by the personnel and financial resources to handle litigation on this scale. Our experienced lawyers have a history of achieving results on behalf of our clients. You do not have to face the difficulties that follow in the wake of being harmed by a defective medical device alone.

The FDA leaves the research and testing of medical devices largely to the manufacturer. The approval process in its current state is yielding and leaves the consumer open to product defect and error. An arguably inadequate regulatory system opens the door for medical device manufacturers to put greater priority on profits and shareholder interests than the safety of those using the devices.

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If you have been hurt or are experiencing further medical damage as a result of a medical device, including vaginal mesh or a metal-on-metal hip replacement, you may have a claim against the company that manufactured and marketed the product. Every case is different because each client's circumstances are unique. Our attorneys take the time to understand what each client is facing, as well as the circumstances that led to the injury.

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