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Mislabeled birth control leads to pregnancies

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Birth control is one of the most popular prescription drugs for women in Houston and across the United States. Women rely on the drug to do as it is intended, prevent pregnancies. A recent packaging error has led to lawsuits filed by women who became unexpectedly pregnant from a defective drug.

More than 100 women are suing a manufacturer of birth control pills because their pills were packaged incorrectly. The women took the pills as directed but the pills were rotated and not labeled correctly. So the women wound up taking placebo pills when they should have been taking birth control pills. More than 100 women from 28 states are seeking millions of dollars in compensation for pain and suffering, child rearing expenses and lost wages. It is not known how many women actually became pregnant because of the packaging error but 94 women in the lawsuit gave birth and 17 more did not carry their pregnancies to term.

When a drug manufacturer makes a mistake people can suffer from an unexpected serious injury. It is important that manufacturers make sure their medication is safe and effective but, when defects occur, they need to be held responsible. A legal professional skilled in drugs and medical devices can help a family who believes they have been affected by a defective drug. An attorney can review medical records, investigate the drug company and determine what happened to cause the injury. Compensation may be available for pain and suffering, medical expenses and other damages.

When a person is prescribed a medication they believe the medication will perform as expected. When this doesn’t happen a manufacturer needs to be held accountable so that they don’t harm anyone else.