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What makes a medical device defective?

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2020 | Defective Medical Device Litigation |

Any product that enters the stream of commerce can be defective, but not all defective products carry the consequences of defective medical devices. Defective medical devices can harm ailing Texans and their deficiencies can result in worsened medical conditions and even death. A faulty medical device that fails to perform as expected can cause a victim pain, suffering, and other significant losses.

This post will address how medical devices can be defective. It does not provide legal advice. If a reader has suffered damages due to the malfunction or defects of a medical device they can contact their trusted defective medical device attorneys for support.

Types of defects in medical devices

Medical device defects can take on different forms. For example, a device may be defective in its design, which would mean that the manner in which the device was devised was unsafe to those consumers who would later use it. Other medical devices may suffer from manufacturing defects, which result when the building or creation process of an otherwise safe product design results in dangers to consumers.

In some cases, medical devices are marketed in such a way as to make them appear relevant to patients who may not actually benefit from them. When this happens, victims may suffer harm from medical devices due to their defective marketing and improper use in patients who do not need them.

The consequences of defective medical devices

When medical devices fail to work as they should or are used in patients who do not need them, the results can be disastrous. Dangerous medical devices have caused organ damage, electrical burns, torn bodily tissues, lacerations, infections, and death. These losses are immeasurable to victims and can make living difficult under the weight of pain, suffering, and overwhelming medical bills.

Victims of defective medical devices do not have to suffer alone. They can fight for their rights to their damages and their futures. They can contact their trusted legal counselors to begin the process of learning about their options for recovering their losses and moving their lives forward.