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Bacteria found in popular aromatherapy product

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | Products Liability |

Aromatherapy has become popular across the United States and some Houston residents may choose to use aromatherapy in their own homes. While many people enjoy aromatherapy products for the unique and pleasant smells, others may use aromatherapy for relaxation and its purported health benefits. Unfortunately, a popular aromatherapy product sold in the country has caused illnesses and deaths to some who have used it.

The product and its hazardous elements

Almost 4,000 bottles of home aromatherapy spray sold by Walmart have been recalled. The bottles of spray contain gemstones and have spread a rare bacteria called Burkholderia pseudomallei to victims in four states, including Texas. Contact with the bacteria caused some of the victims to contract melioidosis, a disease that is generally not found in the United States and can cause a range of serious complications including death.

Losses suffered by the victims

It has been reported that four individuals were affected by the dangerous products, including at least one child who died from their exposure to the spray. Another victim lost their life to their exposure, and two others were made sick by using the affected aromatherapy spray. Though the extent of their losses is unknown, costs associated with their medical care, lost wages from being unable to work, and other damages may be recoverable by them through personal injury litigation.

No one expects a product they buy at the store to cause them to suffer serious illnesses from exposure to rare substances. Unfortunately, two individuals have died and at least two others are suffering because of their contact with a dangerous and hazardous product. They and their loved ones can seek more information about their rights under the law and how best to protect their claims should they choose to pursue their damages through litigation.