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Sleep apnea and ventilator device problems

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Defective Product Litigation |

Medical devices can improve people’s health and save their lives in myriad ways. Texans and people across the nation who use these products are reasonable in expecting that they will be tested for safety before they are released to the public. If people are harmed by the products, those who were affected should be fully aware of their options to hold the manufacturer accountable. This may include recovering compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and the long-term effects they will face.

Reports show extensive problems

Sleep apnea and ventilator devices made by Phillips Respironics were subject to a recall because of reports sent to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It said that 124 people died because of the issue. From April 2021 through April 2022, there were at least 21,000 reports about foam in the devices breaking down. The foam could put users at risk of toxic chemical ingestion or inhalation, which may have led to the fatalities that were reported. It is not known how many injuries came about because of the problem.

This information was beneficial to the FDA, but it does not provide all the information that it needs to come to conclusions about how many incidents occurred, how often they happened and other specifics. Reports do not show that there was a connection between the device and the event, so gathering information is key for those who were harmed or lost a loved one.

The recall is around one year old with more than 5 million devices subject to it. Along with the deaths, people suffered from various illnesses and health problems including asthma, cancer, chest pain and infections. In the 10 years before the reports began coming in from injured users and their families, the company had issued reports to the FDA about concerns with the foam but did not report any injuries.

Justice for the injured

Since medical device recalls and the extent of the damage they might have done is often fluid, people need to be vigilant about news reports and information. For medical product liability cases, gathering evidence is one of the crucial factors. Experienced product liability attorneys can help the injured and their families understand their legal options.