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Why expert witnesses are important for toxic tort cases

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Products Liability |

Exposure to toxic substances can cause serious illnesses, but in many situations the illnesses do not develop until people have been exposed for a long period. Sometimes, the illness does not develop until years after exposure. However, these illnesses can cause major health problems and even death.

People may be able to receive compensation for these illnesses through toxic tort claims. However, to be successful they will need to prove that exposure to the chemical was the actual reason they suffered the illness and that the company or employer is responsible for the exposure.

Experts are needed to prove essential elements

To prove the first part, people will most likely need an expert witness who can scientifically testify that the substance or chemical in fact causes the type of illness that people suffer and that the exposure to the chemical or substance caused people’s illness. Since the expert’s opinion is necessary to prove people’s claims, often expert’s testimony is challenged and the expert’s testimony must pass the test for being valid scientific testimony.

The expert must be able to testify about the scientific basis for their opinion. The expert’s theory must be able to be tested and reviewed by peers. The theory and testimony must also be generally accepted by the scientific community.

Many people in Texas used chemicals and substances that were assumed to be safe, but were later revealed to be toxic. Unfortunately, that leaves many innocent victims who suffer the consequences.

It is important people are compensated in these situations. These are very complicated and technical cases requiring experts in the field. Consulting with experienced attorneys who understand these types of cases may be beneficial.