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What is a “design defect” in a medical products liability case?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2023 | Defective Product Litigation |

Many of our readers know that defects in medical products have been responsible for pain and worsened medical conditions for thousands of people throughout the country. Even though our country’s medical care system and healthcare professionals are supposed to be amongst the very best in the world, the reality is that too often mistakes are made in medical care that makes life worse for patients, not better.

When it comes to defective medical products, those defects could arise from a few different types of scenarios. One scenario is a “design defect.” So, what is a design defect and how might such a defect come into play in your legal action to hold medical device manufacturers accountable?

Design defect basics

In short, if there is a design defect it means that the problem with the device goes all the way back to the beginning. Even if the device, once it is manufactured, might appear to be working properly in most instances, if there is a design defect that makes the product unreasonably dangerous in some situations then the product could be the subject of legal action. In essence, there were mistakes made by the device manufacturer as the device in question was being conceived and planned.

Medical device manufacturers will fight hard against allegations of design defects and any other types of defects in their products. But, the recent history of medical products liability cases shows that consumers can be successful in these types of claims. If you believe your health condition has been made worse by a defective medical product, be sure to have the facts of your potential case reviewed thoroughly.