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Complications from a defective hip replacement

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | Defective Medical Device Litigation |

Hip replacement surgery is a common procedure that can restore your quality of life. If it doesn’t go as planned due to a defect with the implant, however, you can experience severe pain and discomfort that can affect many aspects of your life.

Defective hip replacements

A defect in the manufacturing process can cause a problem with a hip implant. If there are errors with the assembly or lack of quality control, it can cause an issue with the hip’s functionality and cause pain. Errors in the hip implant’s design can cause uncomfortable joint friction and excruciating socket dislocation.

If a hip implant is recalled, the manufacturer is required to take it off the market. However, if you already had hip replacement surgery with a faulty implant, you may need to have a second surgery to remove it.


In addition to pain and discomfort, a faulty hip replacement can make it impossible to do simple activities like walking, sitting and sleeping. It may require you to rely on others, which can lead to a frustrating loss of independence.

It may also affect your ability to earn a living entirely or your hours may be reduced, which can cause a devastating financial impact on you and your family.

You can develop infections, which may require additional medical intervention like rehab and potentially, additional surgeries. You can also struggle with feelings of depression and anxiety from your inability to function physically.

It may be useful to pursue compensation, which can cover the costs of additional treatment and lost wages.