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How much could I recover from a defective drug lawsuit?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2023 | Dangerous Drug Litigation |

If you take one or more prescription drugs, you are not alone. Many Texas residents rely on prescription drugs to help with medical issues and count on the drugs to keep them healthy and manage their medical conditions.

Prescription drug use appears to be at an all time high in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 70% of Americans use at least one prescription drug and over 20% use five or more prescription drugs.

These drugs provide many benefits, often enhancing quality of life and even adding years onto people’s lives. However, sometimes these prescription drugs cause injury or even death if they are defective.

Types of defective drug claims

There are a few different ways drugs can be defective. They might be defectively manufactured at the factory they are made at, causing contamination.

They could also be defectively designed, resulting in dangerous side effects that the designers knew or should have known about.

The way prescription drugs are sold or marketed could be misleading, failing to mention certain side effects or warning people with specific health conditions not to use them. This is another situation that may justify a defective drug claim.

Recoverable expenses

The amount that you can expect to recover from a defective drug injury claim depends on various factors. You must prove the damage you sustained because of the defective drug and it can be challenging to put a number on this.

Some examples of damages you can claim after being harmed by a defective drug include medical expenses and lost wages. You could argue for future lost wages if the harm you suffer from the drugs causes you to lose your job or become unable to perform it ever again.

Before calculating your damages, the details of your situation must be evaluated to determine if you have a valid defective drug claim and who to file a claim against, such as the manufacturer, designer or doctor who prescribed it to you.