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A drug to increase sex drive in women approved by FDA

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Many women in the Houston area suffer from a decrease in their sex drive. Many view it as a complication of getting older, being on certain medications, having children and a myriad of other reasons. But a drug company has recently approved a prescription medication touted as the female version of Viagra.

Addyi is a prescription medical approved last week by the FDA to help women recover their sex drive. The medication will be available in October.

Although this medication can help thousands of women repair their sex drive there are serious side effects associated with the drug. The FDA has approved the drug with a REMS status (risk evaluation and mitigation strategy). Because of this health care professionals who prescribe the drug are required to complete a training to become certified. In addition to the training they will be required to warn their patients not to take Addyi while drinking alcohol. One of the most serious side effects of the drug is a dangerous level of low blood pressure that can cause loss of consciousness. This condition can be exacerbated if the patient drinks alcohol.

New medications to treat common problems are always needed. But it is important for these drugs to be safe for patients. When a patient suffers an unexpected side effect from a drug it can have devastating side effects. A legal professional skilled in drugs and medical devices can help a person investigate what happened to cause their injury. They can research the drug, review medical records and determine what went wrong. A drug company may be held responsible for their negligence.

Many new drugs hit the market every year. Although these drugs have the potential to help thousands of people they sometimes have dangerous side effects. Drug companies are not always thorough in their research and testing to make sure the drugs are safe, which can have devastating side effects.