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Hurt by a faulty drug? We can help

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Not all pharmaceutical drugs are safe. Sometimes a drug is poorly designed. Other times, problems bubble up in the manufacturing or transportation process. Still other times, a company prizes the interests of its shareholders over its customers. Whatever the reason, each year some Texans will have the misfortune of being harmed by a drug that was supposed to make their life better. When that happens, we can help.

We are nationally recognized for representing victims of corporate misbehavior. That reputation is borne from winning verdicts and negotiating favorable settlements across an impressive range of cases from those involving drugs like Fen-Phen, Zyprexa and Pradaxa to medical procedures such as defective hip replacements and vaginal mesh problems to more traditional topics like hurricane damage and the BP plant explosion.

Thanks to that success, we have built up the size, personnel and resources to fight with multinational corporations long after smaller firms would have had to fold. That means we won’t back down from the financial and legal resources that big companies can throw at cases to make smaller firms go away. Weathering that storm can be essential to getting our clients the best result possible.

To learn more about how we can help you after you have been harmed by corporate negligence or malfeasance, check out our website. Doing so could be the first step toward not only holding the responsible party accountable but also securing the financial help you need and deserve as you go through a difficult time. One click could make all the difference.