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Pradaxa can have serious side effects

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Most Houston residents will require a prescription medication at some point in their lives. These medications are important to maintain a person’s health or to help them get better. Occasionally drug companies release new medications without adequate testing or without disclosing all the side effects. A popular blood thinner, Pradaxa, is one medication that is receiving a lot of scrutiny.

Many people suffer from heart disease in Texas and across the United States. Untreated heart disease can lead to many serious complications and even death so medication is important for patients. Patients who have atrial fibrillation are commonly prescribed a medication to reduce blood clots. Pradaxa is a drug that recently came on the market in 2010 to reduce blood clots that can cause strokes. Unfortunately new studies indicate that the popular medication may have some serious side effects and could be an unsafe medication to many patients.

Recent studies have shown that patients who take Pradaxa have an increased risk of stomach bleeding and brain hemorrhages for those who take the higher 150 mg dosage. The company initially claimed that those who take the medication do not need blood monitoring but new evidence shows that the medication is not safe to use without monitoring. The monitoring is especially important for older patients and for those who have kidney disease. Additional complications from Pradaxa include heart attacks.

Patients who are taking Pradaxa should discuss their concerns with their doctor to make sure they are receiving proper treatment. If a patient suffers an adverse effect from a drug they may wish to contact a legal professional skilled in drugs and medical devices. An attorney can review the medical records and determine what went wrong. They can hold drug companies responsible for their negligence. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.