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Reliable Drug Pharmacy issues drug recall

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Texans, much like Americans generally, take many pills. And that means many chances for manufacturers and retailers to make a mistake. When these mistakes happen, unfortunate consequences can follow. That is why the FDA requires manufacturers and retailers to take quick action when any problems arise.

Consider, for example, a recent drug recall by Reliable Drug Pharmacy. The company has not lived up to its name. It has recently had a bout with mislabeling and quality-assurance issues. As a result, according to the FDA, the company has launched a voluntary recall for certain compounded products.

The recall followed FDA inspections of several sites, and will impact several states across the country. Reliable Drug Pharmacy has responded to the problems with an apology over the disruption.

But an apology may not be enough if the company’s mistakes cause anyone harm. If so, the company will be on the hook for the injuries, including not only the cost of medical care but also for lost work time, pain and suffering and more.

For now, anyone who has bought drugs from Reliable Drug Pharmacy should double-check to see if the purchased products fall within the recall. If so, they should stop using the product and arrange to return it. If problems have begun to develop, see a doctor immediately.

Drug recalls are an all-too-common phenomenon. Those harmed by the defective drugs prompting these recalls may benefit from discussing their situation with an experienced drug-recall attorney, someone who understands the law and how it can help Texans hurt by negligent drug manufacturers and retailers.