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There are risks with generic drugs

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized |

When a Houston resident is placed on a prescription medication chances are it is the generic version. Over 80 percent of medications in the U.S. are generic. But, are the generic equivalents safe for patients? Some generic medications have been found to be adangerous drug.

When a generic drug hits the market most people assume it is the exact same drug as the name brand version. But, there have been reports of generic drugs causing unexpected serious injuries. Many times the manufacturing of the generic drugs is done in plants that don’t have the highest safety standards. India is a major manufacturer of generic drugs, but the quality is often not the same.

A drug like levothyroxine, a popular drug for the thyroid, has had many problems. In 2007, over 160 people became sick from the medication, and in 2012 it was found to not be equivalent to the name brand. The generic equivalent for Wellbutrin, Budeprion, was found to not be the same. It was found that Budeprion released its active ingredient much faster and therefore the patients were left unmedicated for hours after taking it. These patients suffered from depression, anxiety and headaches because of the drug.

Many patients can take the generic equivalent of a drug and not suffer any consequences. But, when a patient takes a generic drug that is not manufactured properly, disastrous results can occur. The victim can suffer unexpected serious injury or even death. In these situations, legal action may be an option.