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2016 sees many injuries, fatalities in Texas work zones

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Plaintiff Litigation |

While road construction may always be going on in Texas, summer is when many people may notice an increase in orange cones and barrels as they make their commute to or from work, travel to one of the state’s many theme parks and recreational areas, run their errands or simply go to visit friends and family. While a person may worry that having to slow down in a construction zone will make them late or at the very least make them aggravated, it is important to remember that the reduced speeds in construction zones are meant to keep both motorists and construction workers safe.

Unfortunately, there will be those who choose to drive faster than the posted speed limit in a construction zone, tailgate other drivers or talk on their cell phone. Any of these behaviors can lead to an accident that injures or kills another person. And, as 2016 statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation show, this is not an insignificant problem.

When it comes to accidents in work zones, in 2016 Texas saw 25,814 total crashes. These crashes caused 181 fatalities. Moreover, they caused 749 incapacitating injuries and 3,634 non-incapacitating injuries. As this shows, construction zone accidents are not rare and can injure or even kill other motorists, passengers or workers.

If a person is injured in a construction zone accident, they may find their entire world is in a tailspin. Their injuries may keep them in the hospital for an extended period. Even after they are released from the hospital, they may need extensive rehabilitation and they may be unable to work for a while. In some cases, their injuries will change their lives permanently.

With this in mind, victims of work zone accidents may want to learn more about pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Plaintiff litigation can become very complex, very quickly, so it is important that those considering taking legal action understand what their rights and options are before proceeding.