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Why might a medication be taken off the market in Texas?

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2018 | Dangerous Drug Litigation |

Texans in need of medication naturally expect that the medication has been thoroughly tested and is safe to use. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is committed to drug safety to further that interest. Thus, in addition to approving a medication for sale, the FDA will continue to monitor a medication as it is being used by consumers. If the FDA finds that a medication presents a health risk to consumers after being placed in the stream of commerce, the agency may recall the drug. There are a variety of reasons why the FDA will take a medication off the market.

One reason for recalling a medication is that it poses a risk of health issues. As a drug is studied further, researchers could uncover a link between the medication and health problems and complications. For example, it could be found that a prescription drug increases the chances a person could suffer heart problems, kidney problems, or other serious health issues.

In addition, the FDA may recall a medication if there are mistakes made during the manufacturing and packaging process. For example, a medication could be contaminated during the manufacturing process. Or, the package the drug is contained in could have a weak seal that breaks before it is placed in the hands of consumers.

Finally, a medication may be recalled if further studies reveal a previously unknown dangerous interaction with other medications or substances a person consumes. Many people take more than one medication at a time. Sometimes it is not known until after the drug is being used by consumers that the drug has a dangerous interaction when taken with another medication, vitamin, or with certain foods.

These are only some reasons why the FDA will issue a drug recall. Unfortunately, sometimes a recall comes too little, too late for consumers who have already been injured due to dangerous drugs. It is naturally expected that the medications we take are safe to use. Yet, a dangerous drug could cause serious health problems that compromise not just our safety, but also our financial well-being due to the costs associated with treating issues caused by the dangerous drug. Therefore, some people may choose to pursue dangerous drug litigation if they are harmed by a medication that either has been recalled or should be recalled. If successful on their claim, these individuals may be able to recover compensation for their damages.