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Why should you pay attention to drug recalls?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2020 | Dangerous Drug Litigation |

When you begin taking a prescription drug at the recommendation of your health care provider in Texas, it is in good faith that you trust the outcome to provide relief and support. However, defective drugs are out there and pose a significant threat to your health if you consume them.

Your awareness of warning signs that may indicate drug contamination or ineffectiveness may protect your safety and help you recognize danger.

Warnings through a recall

When you hear about drug recalls, you may disregard warnings as more of a buyer beware or suggestion. While you may not recognize an immediate effect on your health or the way you feel, it is critical that you act immediately. According to Web MD, a drug recall means that the FDA has received notification that a drug is potentially dangerous. Your decision to continue taking it may increase your risks of injury. Additionally, if you hear about a drug recall and have suspected that your consumption of the drug is to blame for discomforting health symptoms, your adherence to the recall notice may support your effort to make a claim against the manufacturer.

If you have not yet seen a recall, but you are suspicious about a drug you are taking, you may watch for signs including misleading information, mislabeled packaging and signs of tampering or contamination.

Protection through education

Your education as a consumer is paramount to your ability to stay safe from defective drugs. When consulting with your doctor, understand the full scope of prescribed drugs. Ask questions about dosage amounts, frequency and side effects. Verify labeling information with your pharmacist. When you start taking a new drug, be vigilant in watching for unwanted symptoms that begin after your consumption.