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Lead exposure injuries in Texas

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Lead cause serious injuries to people who are exposed to it and they may have a toxic tort claim as a result. A toxic tort claim is a specific type of lawsuit a person initiates because he or she was injured by exposure to a toxic substance.

Lead exposure

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides information to consumers about lead. Lead is naturally occurring, but it can be toxic to humans and cause health effects. Lead has been used in several products over the years, including paint, plumbing materials, gasoline, batteries and some cosmetics.

It can also enter into the environment in industrial settings, contaminated sites and from mining. Lead exposure may happen at home, at school or childcare facilities and even in outdoor air and soil. The EPA provides a lead home checklist that can help consumers understand the risks of lead poisoning.

Both children and adults can be harmed by lead exposure. Children may be sensitive to the health effects of lead, including damage to their developing brains and nervous systems.

Adults can be exposed to lead by eating food or drinking water that contains lead, in areas with lead-based paint or by working in a profession where lead is used. Pregnant women can also expose lead to their developing babies.

Health effects

Lead exposure can cause behavioral and learning problems, hearing problems, anemia and other health effects. In serious cases, the exposure can cause seizures, cardiovascular issues and even death.

An experienced attorney can review the situation and provide guidance to anyone who has been injured and would like to pursue a toxic tort claim.