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Forever chemicals may be poisoning millions of Americans

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2021 | Plaintiff Litigation |

There are a lot more dangerous materials in the world than many people realize. Toxic substances can easily invade our food, water, and air, too, and the results can be tragic for unsuspecting individuals. These chemicals can leave victims with serious medical conditions and poor prognoses, which can result in extensive pain and suffering, financial loss, and emotional turmoil.

The dangers of forever chemicals

Tragically, millions of Americans may be in that situation after being exposed to man-made chemicals known as perfluoroalkyl substances, which are commonly referred to as forever chemicals. These substances are found in many common household products and can easily make their way into a community’s drinking water. Unlike many natural substances, though, these chemicals don’t break down naturally, which means those who consume them in their drinking water accumulate the toxic substances within their bodies.

The damage caused by these forever chemicals can be quite extensive, too. Studies of the substances in animals have found that they can affect proper growth and development, and they can cause significant harm to the immune system. The chemicals are also linked to the development of cancer.

The road to protection

While there have been efforts to more strictly regulate the use and disposal of forever chemicals, spanning back decades, those efforts have largely failed. As sad as that may be, many local and state governments, as well as civic organizations and non-profits are leading the charge for stricter regulation and enforcement of existing laws.

However, these efforts come too late for those who have already been impacted by dangerous chemicals. If you’re one of those individuals who has been harmed by a dangerous substance, then you may want to discuss your circumstances with a legal professional who may be able to assist you in finding accountability and recovering the compensation that you’re owed.