Help for victims of dangerous and defective drugs

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When a defective product has caused harm, such as a defective or dangerous drug, products liability laws may be able to help victims with the harm they have suffered. There may be different ways of holding a negligent drug manufacturer accountable and ensuring injured victims receive the help they need with their damages.

Help for victims of dangerous and defective drugs

Dangerous drugs can cause serious injuries, death and other types of harm. Negligent drug manufacturers may be liable to victims for the damages their drugs cause. In some instances, the drug manufacturer may be strictly liable for the harm their drug caused, while in others they may be liable if they were negligent. They can also be liable for a breach of express or implied warranty, misrepresentation or for a failure to warn.

An injured victim can bring a claim for damages for the physical, financial and emotional harm they suffered because of a dangerous drug. There are time limits associated with bringing a claim for damages that injured victims should be familiar with. In most circumstances, a products liability claim needs to be brought within 15 years of the date of sale of the product.

A variety of different types of pharmaceutical drugs may be unsafe. Victims can experience various side effects and symptoms related to a dangerous  or defective drug.

Products liability laws protect victims of dangerous and defective drugs. For that reason, victims and their families should be familiar with how a products liability claim for damages may be able to help them.