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Manufacturers may be liable for defective drugs in Texas

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Firm News |

When a doctor prescribes you with medication to cure an ailment or treat your symptoms, your doctor expects that it will do what it was developed to do. Unfortunately, many patients have experienced a worsening of their symptoms or conditions due to defective drugs. If a defective drug has caused you harm, the manufacturer of the drug may be liable for the damages you suffered.

When are drug manufacturers liable for defective drugs?

Even if a medication has been safely designed, many errors can occur from the time the drug is manufactured to the time it becomes available to consumers. If a defective drug has been released into the marketplace, drug manufacturers may be partially or fully liable for injuries caused by these drugs. Drug manufacturers may be liable for:

  • Defective manufacturing: Drugs were managed at the wrong concentration, exposed to dangerous contaminants, or made up of incorrect ingredients.
  • Incorrect labeling: Medication label may be incorrect or lacking important information.
  • Failure to warn of dangerous side effects: Manufacturer breached duty to warn consumers about known dangerous side effects of the medication.

While drug manufacturers generally play a big part of any defective drug lawsuit, they are not the only ones who can be held liable for defective drugs in the marketplace. Distributors, sales representatives, medical laboratories, and various other parties may also have played a role in the creation and sale of the defective drug. An attorney specializing in medical products liability and defective drugs can help determine which parties were responsible for the pain and suffering you endured and help you recover the compensation you deserve.