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Problems with dangerous sleep apnea devices continue

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Defective Medical Device Litigation |

In Texas and across the United States, people who are suffering from sleep apnea rely on specific machines to assist them with their breathing. As with any medical device, however, issues with its manufacture, operation and parts can put people at risk.

In these situations, the company will need to issue a recall to address potential problems. People who have been negatively impacted by dangerous medical devices like defective sleep apnea machines must keep track of updates related to them. Those who believe they have been injured or became ill because of a medical device must also remember their rights to hold companies accountable.

Replacements for sleep apnea devices highlight ongoing issues

Sleep apnea devices made by Philips were recalled because of the possibility that people could inhale chemicals or particles when they are sleeping. The warning came about in June 2021. The company stated it expected to replace or fix the problematic devices within one year. Since there were so many recalls – more than 5 million – it is now expecting the replacements or repairs to be delayed until next year.

The condition inhibits the person’s breathing overnight. Experts say this can cause a litany of health problems. In addition, new machines are in short supply because of the demand following the recall. If the particles or chemicals are inhaled, people can suffer from allergies, asthma, headaches and face the prospect of cancer causing chemicals impacting their internal organs.  Since sleep apnea is such a dangerous medical condition, people face several options – most of which are unappealing and include using the defective device until repair or replacement.

People who suspect harm from defective medical devices should seek advice

Anecdotal evidence has shown people have seen these particles in their device. Some have become ill after being told to clean the machine better and keep using it. This emphasizes the incremental challenges that come about when people are using a medical device that is found to be flawed. If there is a recall and they still need the device, they may be caught in the middle of continuing to use it and running the risk of being harmed or not using it and having their health problems grow worse.

Companies that make these mistakes should face consequences for their mistakes. People who believe the defective machines were the cause of health problems or had a loved one become ill should have assistance with considering a medical products liability case. Consulting with those who specialize in these cases can give information and help with what steps to take.